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Height: 5'0"            Eye Color: Hazel          Dress size: 12 US          Shoe size: 6 US

Bust: 36 DD        Sexual Orientation: Bisexual          Ethnicity: Mexican/Caucasian         

I am Mistress Lady X, an educated, Latina mixed, Pro-Domme in Virginia Beach, VA. My formal training was completed under the tutelage of Mistress Katie, a highly successful local Domme. I commit hundreds of hours per year elevating My skills to a level of perfection rarely attained.


I am a naturally dominant alpha female with strict rules and exceedingly high standards. I love to be adored, worshipped, and to have my every mischievous whim indulged. I am a lighthearted vixen, a beautiful strict bitch, a sweet but stern mommy, and a sensual Goddess, but most of all...I am the Mistress you are craving.


I have always wielded a strange sexual authority over once playful, captivating, and darkly alluring. When I learned to use these powers to control people, I had found my calling in life.


Being a dominatrix came so easily to Me, that I didn't even know I was one! In fact, My first kiss was to a boy I spent an entire summer tying up. In school, a group of young men would follow Me through the halls offering to do anything I asked of them...and I didn't hesitate to put them to the test. Girls would beg to play truth or dare with Me just craving my approval when they completed whatever devious task came to My mind. This was all very normal and innocent to Me.


I still find innocence in the fun I have being a dominatrix! You will find Me laughing as I tease and train you. My smile will radiate when I see that my will has been imposed on you.


 I want to surprise, confuse, and astound you. I want you helpless at my feet.  It excites me to see your reaction to Me, My words, and what I do to you. I crave the depth of connection that can only come about during intense play!




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