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Preparing For A Live Session

A good first impression can be the difference between a fun and exciting session and a basic education in etiquette. To save you the embarrassment of a faux paus during our first meeting, I've compiled a list of the 7 attributes that will have you properly prepared to engage with me.

1. Be CLEAN and Well-Groomed

I prefer you washed inside and out, nails trimmed, wearing deodorant.

2. Be On-Time

My time is valuable. I will not have it wasted on tardiness. I want you here on time exactly. Do not be early or late.

3. Be Respectful

I expect that you will address me properly at all times and follow my instructions precisely.

4. Be Prepared

Your tribute should either be submitted online via Paypal to or be offered in cash placed in an envelope or folded in paper and placed on the desk upon entering my office.

5. Be Honest

Lying or withholding information will result in harsh and extreme consequences up to and including blacklisting.

6. Be Sincere

Do not hide your reactions or emotions. I find them exciting. I want to know what you're experiencing. It adds to my personal enjoyment of our time together.

7. Be Grateful

If you are fortunate enough to have the privilege of serving me, you should thank me whenever I extend you the honor of my attention be it pleasant or painful.

By following these rules you'll ensure that your training experience is both pleasant and thrilling.

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