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Virginia Beach Lifestyle Mistress Lady X

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Alpha Female

As a born alpha, I love challenging Myself to new heights of personal achievement. Besides being Virginia Beach's premier Dominatrix, I've also enjoyed success in the roles of:

  • Dungeon Proprietor & Life-long Entrepreneur

  • Hypnotist & Certified Life Coach

  • International Award Winning Problem Solver

  • Author & Speaker

  • Real Estate Investor

I delight in expanding my business ventures, pushing others to achieve their maximum potential, and educating women in the development of assertive confidence and the Dominatrix arts.

Though my day planner is often busting at the seams, I always find time to train eager and dedicated submissives. BDSM sessions afford me full creative flow and the intense D/s connection I crave.

Virginia Beach Mistress Lady X



As a formally trained, classic Dominatrix I maintain strict rules and exceedingly high standards. Not everyone is ready for me. My sessions are active, dynamic, and psychologically-charged to the point of breaking even the strongest of wills.


I commit hundreds of hours per year elevating My skills to a level of excellence that's become all too rare in today's landscape. In addition to an advanced Dominatrix skill set, I've also undergone specialized training in mind-control, reiki, and hypnosis.


Having spent decades studying sexuality and behavioral psychology, I know exactly how to pull you into and out of altered states and heightened sensory experiences. I make use of every implement in my arsenal to ensure an immersive and challenging session for us both. 



I've always been able to wield a strange and seductive authority over others... all at once playful, captivating, and darkly alluring.

Even in My youth I fantasized about dominating powerful men. My very first kiss, in fact, was to a boy I spent an entire summer tying to trees and outdoor chairs.


Eager young boys followed Me through the halls at school awaiting My creative tasks, challenges and dares. I didn't hesitate to put them to the test. All of this was very normal and innocent to Me.


I still find innocence in the thrill I get dominating My submissives. You'll hear the echo of My laugh as I tease, humiliate and train you. You'll see a smile cross My lips when I'm certain you've released your inhibitions and fully surrendered to Me.


I aim to surprise, confuse, and astound you. I want you helpless at My gorgeous feet. It excites me to see your reactions to My words, My touch and the things I do to you. I crave the depth of connection that can only come about during intense play.



About Me

Height: 5'0"

Dress size: 14 US

Shoe size: 5.5 - 6 US

Ethnicity: Mexican/Caucasian

Favorite FemDom Inspired Movies: Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2, Wanted, Point Of No Return, GI Jane, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Favorite Books: A Course In Miracles, The Prophet, How To Win Friends & Influence People, and The Vortex.

Sports: Swimming, Weight Training, Golf, Range Shooting, Calisthenics, Kayaking, Billiards, Aerial Gymnastics, Jogging, and Sailing. 

Vanilla Hobbies: Business Ventures, Dining Out, Acoustic Singing, HandyWoman Activities, Zombie-Shooting Video Games, and Personal Development.

Accomplishments: Life-Long Entrepreneur, Bachelor's Degree In Accounting, Real Estate Investor, Certified Life Coach, International Award Winning Problem-Solver, Master Hypnotherapist, Sex-Positive Alternative Lifestyle Advocate, And Badass Alpha Female.

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