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Virginia Dominatrix

Hampton Roads Dominatrix

My World. My Rules.

Your Addiction.

Welcome to my world...

I'm Mistress Lady X, expert Dominatrix and life coach in Virginia Beach, VA.

As Dominatrix over every area of My world, My agenda is positively bustling with business, social, and deviant ventures. Femdom sessions are My release, the complete artistic expression of My alpha femininity, divine power, and boundless creativity.

I take great pride in curating profound BDSM experiences that showcase My vast arsenal of physical, sensual and psychological implements. Each encounter draws you deeper into My dark web of fantasies until you find yourself helpless to resist full enslavement.

My submissives are intelligent, creative ladies and gentlemen whose greatest pleasure comes from serving Me. There's nothing like finding yourself at the feet of a naturally authoritative and refined Dominatrix hell-bent on owning every fiber of your being.

This website is but a keyhole view into My world... a world of dangerously addictive experiences you'll be eager to succumb to again and again. I'm sure you already feel yourself wanting to venture deeper.

Surrender to the urges growing inside of you. Only by serving a woman who is the perfect blend of glamour goddess, harsh lady boss and femme fatale will you taste how sweet true submission can be.

Aching to know more? Look around My site. Fantasize. Explore. And when you're ready to take the blissful plunge into submission, book a session with Me.

But be warned... once you're kneeling at My gorgeous feet, mesmerized by My erotic allure, nothing but serving Me will ever satisfy you again.


I'll see you soon.

Mistress Lady X

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