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Live BDSM Sessions

I specialize in active, psychologically-charged sessions for full immersion into submission. If you're fortunate enough to serve Me, you'll feel Me dominating you from the inside out. Because when I set out to own you, I want all of you...mind, body, and soul.

The majority of My submissives are male, however, I find that even straight females enjoy serving a skilled Mistress with a thorough knowledge of the female anatomy, as well as the self-control to ensure both her safety and limits are respected.

My thrilling and intense sessions are a careful curation of our combined interests. In both tantalizingly sensual and magnificently brutal sessions, I aim not just to dominate your body but to draw you into heightened, multi-sensory experiences that keep you positively addicted to My control. 


Are you ready to be owned?

Tributes to offer

One Hour Session            $300

One And A Half Hour       $400


Two Hour Session             $500

Three Hour Session           $700

Live Domination Sessions

Experience Expert domination

Submitting to an experienced professional has distinct advantages...

AUTHENTIC ENJOYMENT   Being a Dominatrix is in My nature just as being submissive is in yours. I sincerely love seeing you on your knees and and teasing you mercilessly.

EXPERT SKILLS   Perfected with apprenticed training and consistently honed and added to, My techniques are truly impressive. Indoctrination and sanitization procedures are firmly in place ensure your health and safety. I command a vast and deeply experienced body of knowledge derived from dominating a legion of subs with varied interests.

DISCRETION   Successfully separating vanilla life from dungeon life is essential for many of My subs. You can rest assured that you will not be hounded with texts, stalked, or blackmailed (unless you've begged and even then only with a signed contract). My reputation is impeccable and I safeguard your privacy.

THE GEAR   My dungeon is busting at the seams with furniture, wardrobe, implements and wild, new additions every single month. The current count is now at over1,000 unique pieces... it seems I bore easily.

About My Dungeon

Private domination sessions may be booked between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week, depending on My personal availability. Preferential treatment is given to those who book sessions between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays. 

Live sessions are held in My House of Femdom members-only studio dungeon located in a commercial district in Virginia Beach. Because discretion is paramount for many of My subs, the address is a closely-guarded secret.

The professional space houses 2 St. Andrew's crosses, three spanking benches, a medical table complete with stirrups, a massage table, a forced-femme makeover station, an inversion table, a large sofa perfect for over-the-knee spankings, and two spreader bars in a suspension system with limitless creative positions. 

Double Domination

Multi-Mistress SESSIONS

Greedy subs can't get enough of the fiercely intense multi Mistress experiences. For those fortunate enough to be put in line by the most powerful Mistresses in Virginia, you'll find yourself teased, humiliated, brutalized, and pushed to the very limits of your submissive capabilities.

Serving multiple Mistresses is a truly memorable and overwhelming experience not suitable for the novice. Surrender or be overpowered in the decadence of the House of Femdom.

Tributes to offer

                                    Double          Triple

One Hour Session            $500          $700  

One And A Half Hour       $700          $800  


Two Hour Session             $800         $1200  

Three Hour Session           $1200       $1800

My Selection Process

My Selection Process

While I draw immense pleasure from allowing eager trainees the opportunity to learn, I am highly selective. To improve your odds, be open, honest, polite, and sincere. Write formally and in complete sentences.


The first-time selection process can take as little as a day and as long as several weeks, depending on My schedule and your ability to follow instructions. Plan accordingly. Follow My selection process respectfully and you have an excellent chance of finding yourself immersed in My world. 

  1. Apply to serve below. Fill out as much information as possible.

  2. Wait for a reply. Respond promptly to any items needing clarity. 

  3. You'll be vetted. The vetting process may include one or more of the following: Phone interview, meet & greet, and/or reference verification.

  4. Your first session will be scheduled. Service will begin immediately with detailed instructions on how to properly prepare for a session with Me.

Book A Session

Apply To Serve

Complete this application to the best of your abilities while being honest, open and polite. Returning subs may also request another session using this form.

Your application has been sent. Start serving now using the list below.

Once your service application is submitted, you'll be expected to respond promptly to My reply. If approved, your session will be scheduled and service will begin immediately.

While You're Waiting

Can't wait to serve Me? Here's a list of ways you can begin serving even before you're approved. While optional, they do add bonus points to your application and demonstrate the level of devotion I prefer in My submissives.

email a mistress in va.png


Sub-scribe to My list for updates, special engagements, parties and so much more.

VA Mistress on twitter.png


Follow Me. Like the last 20 posts. Retweet at least 5 posts if you have a kinky profile.

Serve a Mistress in VA


Offer a verifiable skill for My use. Writing, building, crafting... how else can you serve Me?

Amazon round.png


Send a gift card or purchase a gift from My list. I just love presents!



Request to add "Mistress_Lady_X" as a friend. Like My photos and posts.



Donate to the SPCA in My name because every good submissive deserves a collar and a home.



Follow Me. Like all of My posts. Comment on at least 5 posts.

Credit Card.png


Send a monetary gift to demonstrate your eagerness and speed up the vetting process.

Dominatrix Photots


While immersing yourself in images of Me, chant, "You own me, Mistress."

...That's a good little slave to be.

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