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Find Answers To Your Burning Questions

1.     How discreet are you?  

I place a high value on my privacy and will treat yours with the same care. I will only contact you via email unless we have agreed on and scheduled a time for me to call. My playspace is private and tucked away in an office warehouse.

2.     What is the proper way to address you?

You will always address me properly as Mistress or Ma'am. Should you wish to appeal to my softer side, you may call me Goddess.

3.     I am new to bdsm. What can I expect?

If you are new and feeling hesitant I would suggest booking a consultation with me via Skype. You'll find me to be firm but friendly and interested in your imaginings. I'll be glad to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. I do not require that you experience pain during our encounters and I will always honor your limits. I am fully capable of guiding you through sensual beginner experiences while training you to serve me well.

4.     How long should my first session be?

My sessions are intense. Time really does fly when you're having fun. I encourage you to set aside 1.5 to 2 hours for your introductory session. This will allow you a taste of my domination style without feeling that you're in way over your head. It's just enough time to challenge and excite you while leaving plenty of room to fantasize about what your next visit will be like...

5.     How should I prepare for a session?
  1. Be CLEAN and Well-Groomed:  I prefer you washed inside and out, nails trimmed, wearing deodorant.

  2. Be On-Time:  My time is valuable. I will not have it wasted on tardiness. I want you here on time exactly. Do not be early or late.

  3. Be Respectful:  I expect that you will address me properly at all times and follow my instructions precisely.

  4. Be Prepared:  Your tribute should either be submitted online or be offered in cash placed in an envelope or folded in paper and laid on the desk upon entering my office.

  5. Be Honest:  Lying or withholding information will result in harsh and extreme consequences up to and including blacklisting.

  6. Be Sincere:  Do not hide your reactions or emotions. They excite me. I want to know what you're experiencing.

  7. Be Grateful:  If you are fortunate enough to have the privilege of serving me, you should thank me whenever I extend you the honor of my attention be it pleasant or painful.

Be A Well-Informed

Little Slave...

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