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House of


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Virginia Beach Dungeon Proprietor

Welcome to House Of Femdom's Studio Dungeon

Step into Our world, where Ladies reign supreme and submissives exist to fulfill Our every whim and desire.

We Are Brand Spanking New

Our studio dungeon is now open and ready for filming & play! Submissives enjoy serving their Mistress in session, on film, or even during multi-Mistress parties and events. Dungeon usage is available to reputable member Mistresses.


We Are Luxurious


Experience 1500 square feet of play space with 6 distinct areas including a high-end office space, medical examination room, spoiling spa, leather lounge, media production studio, and bondage arena.


We Are Well-Equipped

Submit on premium dungeon furniture including a custom hoist system, 2 St. Andrews crosses, free-standing adult swing, inversion table, 3 spanking benches, vintage medical examination table, leather sofas, CBT chair, massage table and hot tub for special occasions. With thousands of tools, implements and bondage devices, you'll have no choice but to kneel, worship and obey.

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