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1.     How discreet are you?

I place a high value on my privacy and will treat yours with the same care. I will only contact you via email or an instant message service, unless we have agreed on and scheduled a time for me to call. I will not save your whole name in my phone. My playspace is private and tucked away in an office warehouse.

2.     What should I call you?

You will always address me properly as Mistress Lady X, Mistress, or Ma'am. Should you wish to appeal to my softer side, you may call me Goddess.

3.     I am new to bdsm and hesitant to contact you. What can I expect?

If you are truly hesitant I would suggest booking a meet and greet with me. It will take place in a quiet, but public location such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or bookstore. You will find me to be very friendly and interested in your imaginings. I will be glad to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns. I do not require that you experience pain during our encounters and I will always honor your limits. I am fully capable of guiding you through sensual beginner experiences while training you to serve me well.

4.     How long should my first session be?

I encourage you to book a 90 or 120 minute session for your first visit with me. You will find that time passes very quickly in my playspace. One hour will feel like 10 minutes. Conversely, too long a session may be overindulgent.

5.     How should I prepare for a session?

  • Be CLEAN and Well-Groomed:  I prefer you washed inside and out, nails trimmed, wearing deodorant.

  • Be On-Time:  My time is valuable. I will not have it wasted on tardiness. I want you here on time exactly. Do not be early or late.

  • Be Respectful:  I expect that you will address me properly at all times and follow my instructions precisely.

  • Be Prepared:  Your cash tribute should be in an envelope or folded in paper and placed on the desk when you enter my office.

  • Be Honest:  Lying or withholding information will result in harsh and extreme consequences.

  • Be Sincere:  Do not hide your reactions or emotions. They excite me. I want to know what you're experiencing.

  • Be Grateful:  If you are fortunate enough to have the privilege of serving me, you should thank me when I extend you the honor of my attention be it pleasant or painful.

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