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Chastity Training


Chastity training & keyholding

When you ache to submit beyond our time together and surrender every orgasm to My control, it's time to offer Me your key.

Find comfort in the cold steel closed firmly around what used to be your manhood. Feel the rigidness of an unforgiving chastity device press into your tender flesh. Let that feeling release any illusions you may have held about being free to enjoy orgasm.

I'll have you locked up tight while at work, running errands and at home. Wherever you go, you'll feel the firm reminder of Me around your most sensitive parts.

Live Domination Sessions

Ready to give me your all?

Submitting to My chastity training may include any or all of the following:

LIVE CAGING   After a full session of on-the-edge teasing, you'll be locked up and denied any semblance of release. 

CREATIVE ASSIGNMENTS  You'll be reminded just who's in charge with surprise texts detailing what I want you to do next.

CHECK-INS   Random video or photo check-ins ensure you remain locked up tight.

KEY PHOTOS   See photos of your Mistress dangling your key to freedom.

TAUNTING MESSAGES   Text and voice messages teasing you about the humiliating state you're in.

TEASING CALLS  To further your torment, your Mistress may get your pulse racing with a sultry call aimed at pushing you to your limit.


LIVE RELEASE  Celebrate your big release with Mistress in session.


Chastity is the giving over of any hope of orgasm to Me. Pleading, whining and begging for release will be laughed at, but not seriously entertained.

Once approved your program begins immediately and can include the ordering of the device. Weekly tributes will be on autopay and will require 3 days notice to end. I'll expect you to push the limits of your ability to be denied release.

The key to your pleasure will be in My possession and I will safeguard it as well as photograph Myself with it for your continual teasing.

Arrangements will be made for you to keep a copy of the key for absolute emergencies. I will know if it's been accessed otherwise!

This is a serious undertaking and excellent service in this area will be rewarded.


Choose a program or beg for a custom contract. Either way, you're mine.

My Selection Process

My Selection Process

While I draw immense pleasure from allowing eager trainees the opportunity to learn, I am highly selective. To improve your odds, be open, honest, polite, and sincere. Write formally and in complete sentences.


The typical first-time selection process can take up to a week. Plan accordingly. Follow My selection process respectfully and you have an excellent chance of finding yourself immersed in my world. 

  1. Apply to serve below. Fill out as much information as possible.

  2. Wait for a reply. Respond promptly to any items needing clarity. 

  3. You'll be vetted. The vetting process may include one or more of the following: Phone interview, meet & greet, and/or reference verification.

  4. The training session will be scheduled and your service will begin immediately with detailed instructions on how to properly prepare for a session with Me.

Book A Session

Apply For Chastity

Complete this application to the best of your abilities while being honest, open and polite. Returning subs may also use this form.

Your application has been sent. Enjoy the anticipation of My reply. Start serving now using the list below.

Once your service application is submitted, you'll be expected to respond promptly to My reply. If approved, your session will be scheduled and service will begin immediately.

While You're Waiting

Can't wait to serve Me? Here's a list of ways you can begin serving even before you're approved. While optional, they do add bonus points to your application and demonstrate the level of devotion I prefer in My submissives.

email a mistress in va.png


Sub-scribe to My list for updates, special engagements, parties and so much more.

VA Mistress on twitter.png


Follow Me. Like the last 20 posts. Retweet at least 5 posts if you have a kinky profile.

Serve a Mistress in VA


Offer a verifiable skill for My use. Writing, building, crafting... how else can you serve Me?

Amazon round.png


Send a gift card or purchase a gift from My list. I just love presents!



Request to add "Mistress_Lady_X" as a friend. Like My photos and posts.



Donate to the SPCA in My name because every good submissive deserves a collar and a home.



Follow Me. Like all of My posts. Comment on at least 5 posts.

Credit Card.png


Send a monetary gift to demonstrate your eagerness and speed up the vetting process.

Dominatrix Photots


While immersing yourself in images of Me, chant, "You own me, Mistress."

...That's a good little slave to be.

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