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Terms & Conditions

Of Mistress Lady X 

Mistress Lady X is a professional dominatrix based, sex-positive BDSM educator and life coach. All images on her site belonging to her were created with the written consent of all parties involved. They are posted with the intention of educating others as to the benefits of safe, sane, and consentual BDSM play.


Any sex acts depicted, alluded to, or written about are for fantasy purposes only. I may share personal stories of a sexual nature to educate and entertain, but my professional domination does not include sex acts.


You may enter Mistress Lady X's website if and only if you meet and/or abide by the following criteria, terms, and conditions as listed below: 

In order to enter the website of Lady X, you must agree to the following terms:

I confirm that I am over the age of 21.

I am not offended by writings and images of bondage, domination, sadism and masochism.

I understand that all images on this site are consensual; that is, any act or situation depicted was consented to by all parties involved (both the dominant and the submissive).

I understand the laws of my country and state, and can confirm that I shall not be violating them by entering this site.

I will not allow any minor access to this site or any material found herein.

I confirm that I am explicitly interested in Mistress Lady X’s BDSM activities and not any type of sexual service or nudity.

I will not show this site or any media contained herin to a minor.

I confirm that the computer used to connect me to this adult, BDSM-related web site is my own and, if it is not, I confirm that I have permission from its owner to use it for this purpose.

I will not distribute and/or attempt to sell any images, video, or text I download from Mistress Lady X's site in any way or in any medium.

I am not a federal, state, city, police, civil, immigration or law enforcement agent or acting as an agent thereof, attempting to obtain evidence for the prosecution of any individual or business for the purpose of entrapment.

I am not a member of the media, or a private investigator.

I understand that all images on this site covered by copyright.

By viewing this site I understand that I may be subjected to hypnotic or mind control techniques.

I consent to submitting all of myself to Mistress Lady X in any form she pleases so long as it does not violate my hard limits.

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