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Hello and welcome. I am Mistress Lady X, a naturally authoritative and refined professional dominatrix in Virginia Beach, VA. Should you be fortunate enough to find yourself at my gorgeous feet, I’ll warn you to prepare for an extraordinary journey into my dark and delicious world of sensual torments and excruciating delights.


You will find my standards to be high and my punishments brutal, generating within you a deep need to serve Me well…or else. My erotic charm alone will compel you deeply to follow every depraved command that falls from my lips.


My deep and intimate gaze will entrance you as you submit your body, mind, and soul to my wicked desires. I will accept nothing less than your total surrender and I have a generous number of methods and implements to accomplish just that.


This website is but a keyhole view into my world...a world in which taboos are delightful and sins of the flesh are innocent play. Wouldn't you just love to have my will imposed on you, to bask in my primal power, to know with full certainty that you are mine?


I am the Mistress you have always fantasized about, but never dared ask for...come visit my world, but be warned... once you are here, experiencing the fierce intensity of losing yourself to me, nothing but kneeling at my feet will ever satisfy you again.


I want you to contact me today...let's not wait any longer!




      Mistress Lady X




Lady X Dominatrix

Find me at:


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