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  • Dominant Training

  • Couples Coaching

  • Submissive Training

  • Kink Coaching

Private training sessions may be booked between the hours of 7 am and 10 pm, 7 days a week, depending on my personal availability. Live sessions are held in a private space located in a commercial district.

The professional space houses a St. Andrew's cross, two spanking benches, a medical table complete with stirrups, a massage table, a forced-femme makeover station, an inversion table, large sofa perfect for OTK, and two spreader bars in a suspension system with limitless creative positions.

Live Dominant Training Sessions

Learn the secrets to dominating your partner that leave them begging for more. From activities to psychology and even the business of domination, you'll gain access to tools and information previously unavailable to the public.

With private lessons, practice, and q & a, you'll learn to dominate safely, powerfully, and confidently. 

  • Gain expertise in medical, impact, electrical, and other activities

  • Learn the secrets to deep surrender and altered states

  • Practice live domination experiences

  • Find out how to choreograph your own unique sessions

  • Discover how to find worthy submissives

  • Learn how to monetize your talents

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Kink Coaching

For Individuals & couples

Life coaching with a twist. Living with a kink, fetish, or unconventional point-of-view requires an entirely different level of coaching to experience higher levels of happiness and quality relationships. Working with a guide and confidant to navigate your desires with a kink-positive attitude is instrumental in overcoming confusion, stagnation and depression.

  • Learn how to date with a kink or fetish

  • Gain insight into your interests and how they were formed

  • Discover how you and your partner can have mutually satisfying experiences

  • Enjoy having a safe place to open up about anything

  • Overcome habits and internal limitations with hypnosis

Amounts to offer

Live Coaching


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There's nothing I love more than educating and coaching those interested in learning BDSM and how it can radically improve your life. Since the kink world can be intimidating at first, it's important that you find a mentor and educator you can trust.


Outlined below is my application process to ensure that we're a good fit. 

  1. Submit a booking request below. Fill out as much information as possible.

  2. Wait for a reply. Respond to any items needing clarity. 

  3. Join me for a complimentary phone chat to discuss your goals.

  4. The training session will be scheduled and we'll begin immediately with detailed instructions on how to properly prepare for a training session with me.

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