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Trust is at the very core of all we do under the realm of kink and BDSM. I place a high value on my privacy and will treat yours with the same care. Until you learn discretion, you're not ready for play.

Each person has their own standards regarding what they deem public and privileged information about themselves. Because of this, we must always take care to guard the details of our relationships.

With my submissives and trainees, I have a standard of discretion that's quite high. Here are my own personal rules for ensuring the privacy of those who engage with me.

Reaching Out

I will never reach out to contact you first, unless you have signed up for email updates. The reason for this isn't a lack of caring, but rather a respect for any existing relationships in the lives of my subs and trainees.

Contact Method

In the course of an ongoing conversation, I will reply via the method I was contacted (text or email).

Telephone Calls

All calls will be scheduled to ensure that you are alone and can speak freely. I will not randomly call as speaking with me often creates nervousness that would elicit questions from those in proximity to you.


Unless formally agreed to, I do not take photos or recordings of our sessions or interactions.

Meeting Location

My space is professional and private, located in an office warehouse. There are no indications that my space is kink-based.


I expect my trainees and subs to arrive in vanilla attire so as not to attract attention to the space and its purpose. This ensures the privacy of everyone else who attends meetings at my space as well as yourself.

Social Media

What happens in the dungeon, stays in the dungeon. Without consent, I do not post any happenings on social media or speak about them to others with the exception of my partner, Mistress Katie, when a reference or double training session is requested.


I will provide references only when requested by both the trainee or submissive and the recipient.

Information Requests

Should I receive contact from anyone requesting information about a submissive or trainee, I will politely decline to speak with them.


Exceptions will be made in the rare event a person is blacklisted. Blacklisting results in being barred from sessions with me as a result of intentional rudeness or misconduct. In the event a person is blacklisted, I will notify my associates of the person's misdeeds to prevent them from receiving the same treatment.

For a safe worry-free training session trust of this caliber allows us to transcend our social masks and tread into the realm of extraordinarily open and honest experiences.

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