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The Phone Interview

Vetting You With The Phone Interview

One of my favorite parts of being a Dominatrix is breaking in an eager submissive. If you've made it to the vetting process, I congratulate you. Not everyone does. If you have, it means that I've found you honest, open, and sincere. Take great care to continue demonstrating those qualities.

The phone interview is another glorious step in your quest to serve me. You get to hear my delicious voice and become even more drawn to me... lucky slave-to-be.

Before embarking on what will surely be the greatest D/s (Dominant/submissive) adventure of your life, I'll want to ensure that we are indeed a good fit. That means you are vetted.

The phone interview is an essential part of my vetting process. You can expect me to be friendly but firm. Inquisitive by nature, you'll find me highly interested in your imaginings, experiences, and in you, my dear submissive.

Below, I've listed the guidelines that, if followed, will ensure you succeed in securing your booking. Pay attention.

1. The purpose of the phone interview is to ensure that we are indeed a good fit. Be open, honest, polite, and sincere in your answers.

2. While I'm looking forward to playing, that is not the purpose of the phone interview. Any attempt to play during this call will be an indication that you cannot follow instructions and will count against you.

3. At the end of the call, I will give you the opportunity to ask 3 questions of me. Ensure that they are respectful and not found anywhere else on my site. Prepare for them. I'd suggest writing them out beforehand.

4. Following the call, you'll email thanking me for speaking with you.

If you successfully pass my rigorous vetting process, you'll be emailed detailed instructions on how to prepare for our session. I do believe you're about to experience something entirely new... Enjoy!

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